Fight with your flesh and let’s party!

Featuring 13+ transnational artists spewing out of a hatchback truck, Tailgate Projects is a celebration/subversion of traditional American tailgating that utilizes performance, storytelling, ritual, video and movement to forge hybrid identities in a binary world.


As a Provocative Agent, Host and Creative Director, I am jazzed to work with Tailgate Projects artists and other creative directors to envision new ideas and parties pop up style! Please reach out if you have a vision for a space.

I invite you to come and participate!

Our ‘Tailgate Party Recipe’:

Dash of Community Outreach and Connection

1 Drop Queer Aesthetics

1 Parking lot or open area

1 BBQ grill w/ grill master

  1. Marinate with a Tailgate Party

  2. Then Add

2 Hosts;

3-10 Cups of performers

2-3 hours of art ritual community delight

©2018 Tailgate Projects. Tampa, FL.